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Commercial Solar Systems

Maximizing your energy cost savings makes smart business sense.

Business and commercial electricity costs have risen almost 40% since the year 2000. With California being an “energy choice” state, it provides an open market for not only residents, but for large and small businesses to also take advantage of the available solar incentives and benefits. Maximizing your energy cost savings makes smart business sense and keeps you protected against future increases.

Electrical costs for companies can vary greatly by industry and function. By teaming up with Precision Solar you can start limiting your expenses and immediately lower electricity costs. We have dedicated and experienced staff to provide a thorough analysis of your project needs. We understand the technology and will work with you to insure the proper selection of commercial solar system components that will maximize your savings today and into the future.

Solar Electricity

Businesses of all sizes are making the decision to switch to solar and capitalize on the benefits available. It is estimated that a solar electric system will reduce monthly electricity expenses by more than 80%. While the investment will virtually guarantee a solid financial return it will also continuously contribute to the overall good of the environment.

Solar Pool Heating

With the most traditional pool heating methods continuing to increase in cost, Precision Solar has been helping businesses reduce their operation costs by installing solar pool and spa heating systems. By using the free and clean energy from the sun, you can save thousands of dollars a year while also minimizing the dependency of fossil fuels.

Solar Hot Water

Precision Solar can help your business save money on water heating. By changing to a solar hot water system, your business can harness the clean and renewable energy of the sun. A solar hot water system can reliably supply comfortable, hot water, without the fluctuating and increasing costs of traditional and less environmentally friendly methods.

Solar Service and Repair

When a solar system is not performing at its optimal capacity, the financial benefits start to become affected. Precision Solar specializes in installation and repair. Even if we are not the company that installed your equipment, we will inspect and analyze your project from start to finish. Our experienced technicians can provide a diagnosis and repair plan that will get your equipment back to running at peak capacity.