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If you have an existing solar electric, pool heating, or hot water system, even if we didn’t install it, and you need service, we can help. We have years of experience installing and repairing many different brands and styles of solar electric, pool heating, and hot water systems .

We have very competitive hourly rates, and with our experience, repairs are ‘quick and painless’. Click Here to request service on your system.

Why Suffer any longer?

We have seen first-hand victims of poor quality workmanship and improper installation. If you suspect your system may not be providing the performance which was “sold” to you, give us a call. Our Professional Solar Service and technical experts will carefully review and inspect your system to make sure it is up to current code, and is providing you the savings you deserve.

Precision Solar is a professional, licensed Solar Energy, Solar Heating service provider servicing San Diego / Riverside counties and can help you with your new or existing system. Contact us today!


Already have a Solar Energy system?

How about adding a Solar Electricity,  Solar Hot Water or,  Solar Pool heating system to add even more Energy independence?

Need an upgrade? Ask us how we can help!