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Residential Solar Systems

Precision Solar Offers Quality Products, Installation Craftsmanship, and Technical Expertise Throughout Your Project. 

As the world moves forward into a cleaner and renewable energy future, transforming to a residential solar system could be one of the smartest decisions to make. There is no question that solar energy has evolved into a practical and efficient home upgrade. Over the past decade, the cost to install residential solar systems has decreased dramatically. How many thousands of dollars a year are you spending on electricity and resources? What if you could make that bill just go away? Precision Solar wants to help you increase your solar independence and maximize your savings.

Solar Electricity

Each year, thousands of homeowners are saving money on their energy bills and reducing their carbon footprint by installing solar power electricity. There are generous federal, state and local incentives available to help make the transition to solar energy a worthwhile investment. If you own your home, we feel you should own your electricity too! A residential solar power electricity system can pay for itself in 4-7 years and save you hundreds of dollars every month.

Solar Pool Heating

Want the increase your pool season? A Precision Solar residential solar pool heating system is a great way to extend or even triple your usable pool season, while keeping the cost to heat it at a minimum. There are several factors that we will carefully analyze and take into consideration when designing a pool heating system, such as pool size, desired temperature and the climate. A solar pool heating system has relatively no additional cost to operate and has a typical payback period of 2-4 years. 

Learn more about solar pool heating installation, design basics, and more here 

Solar Hot Water

Whether you have an electric or gas water heater, the operating cost will continue to rise over time. An electric water heater is the single largest user of electricity out of all appliances in a typical single family home. The California Energy Commission estimates that the average home uses one quarter of its energy for heating water and this accounts for 30% of the home energy bill. With electricity rates rising and shortages of natural gas increasing, fees are likely to be even higher in the future. We can help! We estimate that homeowners could save 60-70% on the cost of their water heating by installing a residential solar hot water system in California.

Residential Solar Panel Repair

If you suspect your solar electric, pool heating or hot water system may not be providing optimal performance, Precision Solar can help! We have decades of experience in residential solar panel repair. We are trained in working with a wide variety of different types, brands and models of equipment. Our experts will carefully review and inspect any existing equipment for possible damage, code compliance, and overall efficiency.