We have more than 20 years of solar power experience

Our Team

Micah Cummins

Micah Cummins is a C-46 licensed contractor and business owner who helps people, families and businesses with their solar energy needs. Before starting a solar business, Micah worked 12 years in the industry installing solar equipment and providing overall management of business operations. In 2009, after a successful ten year career helping a similar business, Micah founded his own Precision Solar. The company continues to grow each year as the planet moves toward more sustainable energy alternatives.

When not focusing on the aspects of the business, Micah enjoys recreational time with his family and producing music with his band. 

Jeni Eddleman

Jeni Eddleman has been helping in the administrative office at Precision Solar since 2013, where she directly handles financial matters such as billing, accounts payable and payroll. Jeni plays an extensive role in the company, as she assists with our client inquiries, scheduling of site visits and overall correspondence between staff and client. Her duties are not limited to finances and communication either, she gets her hands dirty at Precision Solar, with direct involvement in the planning and permitting of our job sites.

In her spare time, Jeni likes hiking with her dog Zoe and enjoying the wonderful outdoor climate that Southern California has to offer. 

Laurel Woods

Laurel Woods started growing with the team at the beginning of 2019, she comes with a decade of business management and over 20 years of veterinary emergency and compassionate client care in her background. Laurel has been working to promote our Precision Solar values and the benefits of clean energy.

With any down time that Laurel has, she is enjoying introverted hobbies, like drawing, video games and training her dog, Dexter and two parrots, Atari and Trixie.