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How it Works

Solar Installation Process

Thinking about switching to solar? We have Precision Solar experts waiting to guide you through the process. Whether you are looking to repair a system or switch to Solar Electric (PV), Solar Pool & Spa Heating or Solar Hot Water, we want to provide you with all the details and benefits regarding your upcoming investment. 



Give us a call!  We would love to speak with you about your inquiry. During the initial call, we will determine what type of solar project and services would benefit you the most. Often times, we will ask for the exact address of the location in order to approximate sizing of the equipment needed. Personal information such as an electric bill showing 12 months of previous usage may also be needed when further designing your project. 



Once we have developed a plan together, we will schedule a time for a Precision Solar technician to inspect the project location. During this visit, we will be accurately measuring the area for placement of your equipment as well as recognizing any potential setbacks to the design. 



With a finalized plan in place, we will assist with determining a date for the installation that will work for everyone. During this period of time, the Precision Solar team is working behind the scenes arranging the future inspection, ordering the necessary equipment, and obtaining project permits.



A Precision Solar technician can estimate how long a project installation may take based on the type of service being performed. On average, most solar electric installations will need 3-4 days to complete, while other services or projects may not require as much time. 



After your installation has been finished, the project will need a final inspection by the city. A positive inspection will grant permission for the system to operate. Keep in mind that it may take 3-5 business days after an approved inspection to obtain a “permission to operate” status. Once permission is granted, your system can be turned on. The Precision Solar team will return to your location to start the monitoring service for your equipment. The equipment monitoring is easily accessible to you and is a great feature for getting alerts and system operation errors. 

With the generous help from the Precision Solar team you can now gain your energy independence, producing clean and free energy for years to come. 

solar installation process