We have more than 20 years of solar power experience

Our Services

How can we help you?

 No matter what type of solar services you need, Precision Solar is eager to help!  

With our extensive background in the industry we are prepared to assist you with any solar services that you may need.  

Our specialized services :

  • Solar Electric (PV)
  • Solar Pool and Spa Heating
  • Solar Hot Water 
  • Solar Repair 

We provide quality equipment and professional workmanship for all of our projects. If you have repairs to be done, we are happy to help diagnose and work on your current system even if it was previously installed by another company. We are located locally in northern San Diego county. We offer a very large service radius to all San Diego, its southern coastal areas, extending into Riverside and Orange County.  

Solar Electricity

Thousands of home owners are saving money every month on their electric bills. You own your home; it’s time you owned your electricity too! here are generous government incentives available to help you make this worthwhile investment in your energy future. The savings you stand to gain as energy prices continue to rise make Solar energy a real investment in your families future.

Solar Pool Heating

Imagine extending your seasonal use of your pool or spa for months! Precision Solar’s solar pool heating systems are amazingly efficient. Sunstar solar pool heating panels are the best in the industry! With unparalleled construction quality, constant innovation, the best materials, and a limited lifetime warranty, you can’t beat Sunstar, and we have them!

Solar Hot Water

Solar hot water is the most economical way to heat your water for a range of purposes.The California Energy Commission estimates that the average household spends up to 30% or more of its energy bill for hot water heating. A solar hot water system will perform well for 20-40 years and pay for itself within 8-10 years. 

Service & Repair

If you have an existing solar electric, solar pool heating, or solar hot water system, even if we didn’t install it, and you need service, we can help. Our professional, technical experts will carefully review and inspect your solar system to make sure it is up to current code, that it is operating efficiently and that it is providing you the savings you deserve.