Residential Grid-Tied Systems From Precision Solar

Grid-Tied solar systems are the most common version of installing a residential solar power system. Grid-Tied means they are connected to the main power grid and are developed to sell power back to the utility company. (Isn’t that nice for a change!) In an conversion known widely as “net metering”, homeowners get paid for the electricity generated in excess of what is used. Homeowners can completely eliminate their electric utility bill and you can actually realize a net profit.

Net-metering works only on “grid-tie” solar or wind power systems in California. Because you must be connected to our utility grid, off-grid power systems are not compatible to net-metering programs.
How does a grid-tie system work? These generates electricity by being connected to the main power grid. These systems are typically based on renewable energy sources such as the sun or wind. Solar, or photovoltaic, or PV, grid-tie systems convert sunlight into electric current. The panels absorb photons of light from the sun, producing DC current electricity. Another system component, the grid-tied inverter converts this DC current into AC current which can then either be used by electric “loads” in the home or it can be directed onto the main power grid for a credit toward your monthly electric utility usage.

What size Grid Tie Solar Power System is best for me? You can get a rough idea of the size of system you need by following the steps below. While this will give you a general idea, a more formal consultation to determine your system needs is always necessary.