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Welcome to Precision Solar of San Diego

Welcome to Precision Solar. Spread out, relax! You’ve probably been wandering around the web looking at San Diego solar companies for a while. We hope this site stands out as a place with some useful information to offer, not just another site slinging solar panels. You’re tired of paying the high energy bills and you’d like to put your roof top and the sun to work for you. A solar installation is an absolute game changer. You don’t need gimmicks to prove it. You don’t need pushy sales people to convince you…you’ve already done the math. How many thousands of dollars a year are you spending on energy? What if you could make that bill just go away? Maybe you haven’t done the math and you’re just curious. This is the simple truth: A solar electric system will save you thousands a year in energy bills. With the money you’ll save, the average system pays for itself in 4 to 6 years! That’s a return on investment you can’t find anywhere else! Invest in your energy independence, invest in your home, invest in the sun.

Why You Want Precision Solar Over Other Solar Companies



Our Customers Love us:  5 star Rating on Yelp.

Nothing speaks for a company like a track record of happy customers. A lot of solar companies have forgotten that. Seems pretty basic to us. Think about how mad someone has to be to actually write up an angry review about a solar company and post it. You can only imagine that company had multiple chances to make good with there customer before it got to that point, but they didn’t! At Precision Solar, satisfied customers are our bottom line. That’s reason number one you want to work with us.  Check out what some of our past customers on have to say about their experience with us.


A Local Family Business, not “Big Box” Business as Usual.

Some solar companies spend a lot on advertisement…a lot.  The big guys lure people in with non stop radio adds that sound great…but once they get you signed to a deal, who knows how you’ll be treated? The salesman will move on his next catch and who knows if you’ll get good service beyond that. In many cases, the salesman you’re talking to has never even met the installers that will be doing the work on your home! Really?! Yeah, really! Some solar companies build their entire focus around sub par service. They are not focused on establishing a good reputation. They’re counting on huge advertising budgets to get their customers. These solar companies are not in solar for the long run. They’re goal is to sign up as many customers as they can, make the money while it’s hot, then sale out or go bankrupt before the chickens come home to roost. These guys are leaving a long trail of poorly designed systems, with warranties they don’t even plan on being around to have to honer. They tell you what you want to hear so you sign on, then they do what they want to do, and move on. We don’t like to be treated that way, we don’t think you should either.

What’s so great about going with a local family business like ours?  Every customer matters!  That means you matter. You’re not just another sale that’s been tapped in a sea of unhappy customers, you are our customer. We’re counting on making you happy. We’re counting on you being so happy with Precision Solar, that you brag to all your friends about us, maybe even write us a good review! We want to be the company you recommend to neighbors and friends when they mention they’ve been thinking about solar! Any company can dump money into advertising, but we want to be referred. That desire to serve and satisfy has become a guiding principle and shaped us into a company people are happy to recommend to their friends and family. Some would call it old fashioned, but we think treating people well is good business! We live in this community and rely on the good word of mouth our customers are providing. That means we work hard for you after you sign on the line, not just before!


Great pricing, we’re beating the big box guys left and right

So we must charge more right?  Nope, we have great prices and dare you to shop us.  We’re not dropping huge sums on advertising, and we pass on big savings to you.


Precision Solar, A Real C-46 Solar Contractor

There are lots of solar companies to chose from.  Solar electric is the next big thing, and everyone’s trying to make money on it. Some “solar companies” are actually electrical contractors trying to get in on the solar trend.  Can they do the job..? Well, if you’re planning on hiring them, you’d better hope they can!’s the bottom line:

Experience, Specialization, Industry specific know how:

These things matter. Our owner has 16 years in the SOLAR business. Each of our installers has well over a decade in the trade. Our guys are “in-house” employees, who do things the Precision Solar way, not sub contractors who are going to do things who knows what kind of way?! We know who to get your solar panel installation right the first time. We know how to properly permit your new solar system. We carry a real, C-46 solar license. As experienced professionals in the solar world. We think experience and specialization matter! If you agree, Precision Solar is a good fit for you.


Workmanship, Warranty, and High Quality Products

Some solar companies use really sub par panels and components. Companies who sale solar leases are notorious for this. Think about it, when they’re the one’s providing the system at “no cost”, they have every reason to go cheap!  We only use established products we believe in for our panel installations. Our panels and components have rock solid reps, and quality warranties. We’ve been doing this a long time, so we know our products! Our design philosophy is guided by two things: consistency and quality.  We go with what works, not whatever equipment is cheapest at the time.

We are great at what we do. That’s why we provide a 10 year workmanship warranty on our Panel Installation.  We set you up so you can monitor the output of your system from your computer.  If something goes down or isn’t up to par, you’ll find we get out to fix it promptly.   In addition, our panels have a 10 year product warranty, and a 25 year output warranty.  Most importantly, our installation crews are experienced and “in house”. We don’t sub out your install to some group of guys we don’t even know. Our crews are top notch and know solar inside and out.


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As a local San Diego solar company, we can give you a level of service and attention to detail that Sun-this, Sun-That and Sun-fill-in-the-blank can’t even come close to. We’ll treat you like a person and give you the straight facts on solar. A solar installation does not have to be complicated, but there are some choices to make a long the way, and at every point we’ll give you all the information to make the best choice for you. Speaking of installations, our installers are some of the best San Diego has to offer, and we can get the job done right the first time. We use our own crews, not sub-contractors…installers who have been with us for years and believe in getting things done the Precision Solar way. We are San Diego’s local solar company specializing in Solar Electric, Pool Solar, and Solar Hot Water. Not in San Diego? We proudly serve Riverside, San Bernardino, and Orange Counties as well.
Enjoy your stay, and we look forward to hearing from you when you’re ready for a free solar quote.

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Customer Testimonials

5.0 5.0 star rating 6/3/2015
"Precision Solar did our solar installation 1 1/2 years ago and we could not be happier. We had pretty high electricity usage due to having a pool and a lot of electronics in our house and Micah came out mapped out our system and estimated our solar production and how much our electricity bill will be after the solar is installed. I am happy to report that after our first 12 months of solar production our electricity bill for the entire year was $60. Now that we have installed a new high efficiency heating and cooling system I anticipate having credits with SDGE instead of owing money. Micah did solar installations for 2 of my neighbors at the same time and they are thrilled with their systems as well. When they did the install they did an amazing job. They even went as far as painting the conduit and junction boxes on the roof and side of the house to match the colors so you don't hardly even notice them. I have recommended several of my friends to Precision and am confident that they will have the same experience that we did. Great Job Precision and keep up the good work!!!!"
Christian from San Marcos

5.0 5.0 star rating 9/6/2014
"This is a 5 star company for good reason. Not only did these brothers do a great job with the pricing and install, but they fixed an unrelated issue with my pool for the price of parts only! I would recommend this company if you want a great job done."
Mark from Vista

5.05.0 star rating 5/12/2014
"I have nothing but good things to say about this company. We bought a house that had all of the plumbing for the solar but no panels (they were taken down when the house was re-roofed). We called and spoke with Mike. He gave us a quote and was done with all of the work within two days. We love our solar panels! Our pool is about 15 degrees warmer and now we are able to swim in it so much more often."
Michelle from Carlsbad

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