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Solar Electricity in Escondido

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Located just 18 miles east of the Pacific Ocean, Escondido offers the perfect opportunity for those seeking to convert to solar electricity.  With roughly 25,000 single-family homes and large areas of open land, solar electricity is available for those wishing to install a solar electric generator on their roof or racking on their Escondido property.  Climate is key in Escondido, boasting mild temperatures and sunny throughout the year making solar electricity in Escondido a highly-efficient investment.  Many families in Escondido have already made the switch to solar electric and are reaping the rewards of the energy being produced.  Solar electricity in Escondido is the next step in creating an investment that will save you money,last for years, and allow you to contribute to the welfare of your community and planet.  Let Precision Solar help you make the installation of your solar electric system a success!

Stop buying electricity, and start making your own!

Thousands of homeowners each year are saving money on their bills and reducing their energy footprint by installing solar power. There are generous government incentives available to help you make this worthwhile investment in your energy future. The savings you stand to gain as energy prices continue to rise make Solar Electric a real investment in your families future. It really is one of the best places to put your money to work. 

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