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Net Energy Metering

Net energy metering is becoming a hot topic in southern California solar.  We get a lot of questions about it here at Precision Solar. Many people don't understand what net energy metering is, and what it...
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Solar Panel Installation Demystified

Many of the steps in a solar panel installation have nothing to do with the actual panel install, and involve things like drafting plans, getting a proper permit, setting you up for net metering...
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Salt Chlorinator Benefits and Maintenance

Salt chlorine generators sanitize your pool and spa using salt rather than tabs or liquid chlorine.  The effect is water that is odorless, feels softer, and the chlorine is far less harsh on your eyes,...
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Recent Solar Pool Heating Project – Borrego Springs, CA

    Recent solar pool heating job. This one was out in beautiful Borrego Springs.

    Roof-Mounted Solar Electric System Installed by Precision Solar

      Roof mounted solar electric system, recently installed.

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